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Adult Cats Available for Adoption

Below are some of our adult cats available for adoption. This page is updated frequently, so visit often.

If you're interested in adopting an adult cat, please complete our adoption survey and tell us what you're looking for.

Adopt Northern and Charmin

Northern and Charmin

Sweet sisters.

Northern and Charmin are looking for a home where they can blossom in their own time. Northern is the curious one, and will jump in for cuddles when she is comfortable. Charmin is reserved, but will follow her sister when she's ready for lap time too. They also love play time with interactive toys.

Adopt Hamilton


Local Olympian gold medalist.

He knows how to please the crowd. He is happy anyplace, any time, and will be thrilled to finally score a home that can offer him as much as he offers them.

Adopt Pinkie


Too cute!

Pinkie, while on her own, had her bases covered. Living between two homes and having her needs met, she was quite comfortable. Neither home being able to take her in, she arrived to be in our care. Young and so adorable, happy all the time, Pinkie is looking for a forever home.

Adopt Olivia Jean

Olivia Jean

No longer abandoned.

Beautiful and fluffy, Olivia Jean is a social eater and enjoys the company of her human friends. She would be a great companion and do well in a quiet home.

Adopt Darla


Soft and sweet.

Darla is ready to blossom into her own and share every new experience with you. From living in a small space with many felines to adjust to being her own purrson. Darla is ready for more. More room, more love and more human contact.

Adopt Michelle


Obviously a sister to Barbara.

Enjoying life as a kitten, she is vibrant and open to new and interesting things. She will sometimes not stand up for the affection she is obviously wanting.

Adopt Pogo


Bounding and what!!!?

A veterinary hospital trying to catch a lost cat to help the owner when along comes Pogo. He obviously wasn't doing well on the streets and decided to take the free meal. Caught! He was housed for a few months and not claimed. Handsome and adorable, you must meet Pogo.

Adopt Barbara


Vibrant and curious.

Just a little lady full of life and ready to experience other new life changes. One of a group of cats, Barbara loves to cuddle up with one of her friends to sleep. Enjoys sharing a dish of food and thinks that life is fantastic.

Adopt Cramer


Are you bored?

Just a cute boy with charm and a gravelly meow. Rescue helped him be able to receive the much needed love, attention and get his vet care to be able to find a home with you. Cramer is always happy to see you, ready for food and to move his water dish around the floor.

Adopt Trulie


Sweet and talkative, young and playful.

Truly a special little lady. Trulie just needs someone that understands that she is a talker, wants to be with you and is in motion quite a bit. One-eyed wonder!

If you find a cat on this page you'd like to adopt, please read about Adopting From Feline Friends.

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