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Chase's Happy Story Feb. 2008

Hello to you!
It's been awhile, but I wanted you to know that Sunny Valentine, now known as Chase, is doing incredibly wonderful. What a joy he is! He is venturing outside a little now (supervised) and loves it. He does go outside the fence mostly because I dont want him to. He caught his first hummingbird yesterday. It just happened to be feeding on a flower right next to him and he nabbed it. Little fart! He loves to play grass with the tall wild grass stalks. He'd rather play with a long piece of grass than his feather & string toy now.
Chase's Happy Story
What to do in the winter? He and Chevy (his dog, remember?) get along great. Chevy loves to bury his nose in Chase's soft fur. Chase just lets him for a minute, then struts away. They play together and even sleep next to each other sometimes on the bed. He loves me, his mama, best, but when Bob got back from Alaska from a fishing trip, Chase was happy to see him and gave him loves. It was really cute that you could tell he missed him.
Chase has set his routine and in turn the household routine. He gets up with Bob at 3:00 and takes Bob into the bathroom so he can be fed. (Chase, that is!) He gets some crunchies in his bowl from Bob every morning then waits for me to get up and let him play in the yard until shower time.
I attached a picture of him. He was watching the hummingbirds when I took the photo. You really can't tell by the picture, but he's slimmed down a little. I haven't weighed him for a while, but I can tell by picking him up and he doesn't almost drag the ground anymore. He's shedding now too, but I think he's losing weight.
I just really wanted to let you know how much he's loved and that he has finally bonded with us too. He's a joy and we thank you for what you do to make all the cats lives that you touch, be able to touch their new families' lives. Your work is very appreciated by not only the cats, but the people.

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