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Many of you know, however, we are sure that some of you are still unaware of this exciting news. We had 13 great years at our special and first "Cat House" on Sexton Drive, next to Steamboat Animal Hospital, however, the time had come to make a change for the organization, volunteers and the CATS!

The cats have found a home. With their piggy banks empty and paw prints on their hearts, they managed to find a new home of their very own.

With countless cats making their way through our former facility and into their forever homes, the dream never was far from thought. Dare to dream? Absolutely! Follow your heart? Without a doubt! Be careful what you ask for? Never! The purrfect challenge for those who love cats.

With our tail up and our whiskers forward, we put one paw in front of the other and soon we were walking in a new door.

Feline Friends has the BEST volunteers! Your dedication, support, kindness and love of the cats is amazing and your dedication exceeds expectations. Thank you for giving!Thank you for supporting our mission, believing in our dream and being by our side.

The cats have been purring along, but there is still work to be done. If you would like to and you can, please consider donating or volunteering.

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2013 Fire
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