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Adult Cats Available for Adoption

Below are some of our adult cats available for adoption. This page is updated frequently, so visit often.

If you're interested in adopting an adult cat, please complete our adoption survey and tell us what you're looking for.

Adopt Coconut


Put the lime in the coconut …

This lady has been all stirred up. At no fault of her own, she has ended up in “the rescue system” again. We feel strongly she is safe until the right purrson comes along. Deaf, quiet, and seeking a stable quiet FOREVER home.

Adopt General Tabby

General Tabby

This kindly gentleman has such an old soul.

He is quiet but truly enjoys the attention you give him. General is seeking a quiet and calm home with recliner to rest in.

Adopt Orrin


Seeks solitude and security.

Orrin’s former purrson passed and he managed to have a few people checking in on him until he could be convinced his safety was at risk and he needed a safer warm spot. Orrin loves to be groomed and would do well in a quiet home with a patient person.

Adopt Lieutenant Dan Hoodie and Agent Jenny Frog

Lieutenant Dan Hoodie and Agent Jenny Frog

Sleep by day, prowl by night.

This brother and sister duo are dynamic and look like an odd couple. The big and short of it, Hoodie is going to crawl in your lap and Frog will lie and wait for your hand to extend. Looking to be forever together, these beautiful cats may not match your color scheme, but they will add cat passion to your life.

Adopt Roxy


Stuck in a cycle.

Roxy was faced with some challenges in her prior home that just stressed her out. She is a delightful girl and starts letting you know that she kneads you as soon as you approach. Do you need her? She would do well in a quiet home and without other furry friends.

Adopt Kitty Louise

Kitty Louise

Kitty Lou

A beautiful and sweet girl is doing well after years living with little care and sparse meals. Always glad for her meals and a good brushing. Settling into indoor life without the worry of living on the busy Olympia Westside with a busy street and cars seemingly everywhere. The kind gentleman that did his best to provide for her moved due to deteriorating health concerns.

Adopt Tiki and Torch

Tiki and Torch

Absolutely purrfect pair.

Tiki, the mom, and Torch, the son, are magnificent in looks and temperament. Unfortunately, a human accident left them without a family. Torch has a puffy flame of a tail and Tiki is just a delicate darling. They will provide you with endless love.

Adopt Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin

Pooh’s corner.

Always on the lookout for a special friend with a waiting meal, he would emerge from the forest to watch and wait at the times that became familiar to him, and a Angel would place a nicely prepared meal just how he liked it. His family obviously loved him and yet were unable to take him. Christopher is very sweet and loving and will soak up all your attention.

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