Feline Friends

Special Happy Stories

To read about some of our special adoptees, click on their pictures below. Feline Friends would love to add your cat's story to our web site. All we need is your story and some pictures. email
Willow's Happy Story
Willow's Happy Story
Yogi and Bliss's Happy Story
Yogi and Bliss's happy story.
Zuzu's Happy Story
Zuzu's Happy Story
Raggedy Andy's Happy Story
Raggedy Andy and his happy story.
Shoobie's Happy Story
Feline Friends Saved My Life!
Shoobie and his happy story.
Cinnamon's Happy Story
"No More Tears"
Cinnamon and her happy story.
Amachi's Happy Story
Here is Amachi Phoenix Falxa-Salzer
and her happy story.
Gus and Star Dust's Happy Story
Here is Gus. Read his.
and Star Dust's happy story.
Sonia's Happy Story
Here is Sonia
and her happy story.
Sasha's Happy Story
Here is Sasha and her happy story
Heidi's Happy Story
Here is Heidi and her happy story.
Etta and Tony's Happy Story
Here are Etta and Tony
and their happy story.
Prince's Happy Story
Here is Prince and his happy story
Malcolm's Happy Story
Here is Malcolm
and his happy story.
Sophie's Happy Story
Here is Sophie
and her happy story
Grey Face and Duncan's Happy Story
Here are Grey Face and Duncan
and their happy story.
Angel's Happy Story
This is Angel and her story.
Luna and Calypso's Happy Story
Here are Luna and Calypso
and their happy story.
Moxie's Happy Story
This is Moxie and her story.
Jane Ear's Happy Story
This is Jane Ear
and her happy story.
Leon's Happy Story
This is Leon and his story.
Chase's Happy Story
This is Chase and his happy story.
Diesel's Happy Story
This is Diesel and his story.
Glory's Happy Story
This is Glory. Read her story.
Rue's Happy Story
This is Rue. Read her story.
Highway Will's Happy Story
This is Highway Will.
Read his amazing story.
Winter's Happy Story
This is Winter. Read his story.
Seymour's Happy Story
Seymour needs his page
updated as he
has changed so
much since we got him.
This is one beautiful guy.
Elsa & Ely's Happy Story
This is Elsa and Ely. Read their story.
Bernie's Happy Story
This is Bernie. Read his story.
Hansel & Gretal's Happy Story
This is Hansel and Gretal.
Read their story.
Hogan & Ajax's Happy Story
This is Hogan and Ajax. Read their story.

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