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Adopting from Feline Friends

Our goal is to help you find the adult cat or kitten that meets your preferences and is compatible with your lifestyle.

How to Adopt

  1. Think about the temperament of the cat/kitten that best matches you. Completing a Feline Friends Adoption Survey will help with this process. (For Washington State Residents only. Sorry but we cannot reply to out-of-state requests.)
  2. Feline Friends believes that cats can be happy as indoor only companions. Please consider the benefits of indoor cats before you adopt.
  3. Make an appointment via phone or email us to meet some of our cats.
  4. Bring to the appointment the following:
    • a hard sided pet carrier,
    • if you are a renter, a landlord approval or other written proof that you can have a cat in your home.
  5. After selecting your new feline friend, pay the adoption fee. Adoption fees are:
    • $125.00 for kittens.
    • $90.00 for adult cats.
    Feline Friends collects adoption fees to offset the following medical costs:
    • Pre-surgical exam by a vet.
    • Spay / neuter.
    • Feline Leukemia and Aids test.
    • FVRCP Vaccine (first shots only, adopter pays for boosters)
    • Treatment for parasites.
    • Microchip
    • Treatment for other medical needs diagnosed by a veterinarian.
    You may pay adoption fees:
    • By cash, check, or debit card.
    • Online with your credit card using PayPal

    Note: Feline Friends accepts prepayment.

Adoption Survey

(For Washington State Residents only. Sorry but we cannot reply to out-of-state requests.)

Bringing a new pet into your home is an important commitment. Indoor cats can live from 15 to 20 years so we appreciate the time you're investing to find the right one.

Feline Friends Adoption Survey

Your name:
Mailing Address:
City: State:
Phone Number:
email address:

I'm looking for: Adult Cat Kitten
Give us an age range if you prefer one.

I'd prefer: Male Female Male or female is fine.

Color Preference?
Breed Preference?

If you're looking for more than one, do you want litter mates?
Yes No
Is your home life: Very Busy Moderately Busy Not Busy

What's most important to you about your cat? 

Who is the cat for?
Have you owned a cat before? Yes No
How long did you have your cat?
Do you have a cat or cats now? Yes No
Is or were your cats declawed? Yes No
Is or were your cats spayed/neutered? Yes No
Are your cat's vaccinations current? Yes No
Do your cats live: Inside Outside Both
Do you live on a: Street Culdesac Rural area

Who cares for your cat when you're on vacation?
If you're unable to care for your cat what will you do?
Where will the cat sleep?
Do you have other pets? Yes No
What type?

How did you hear about Feline Friends?

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