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Extra Special Cats and Kittens

The special cats on this page may have physical handicaps and need help getting around. Others may have health needs manageable with medication. And some may have been severely abused or neglected and they need a home with no other pets or children.

These unique cats aren't for everyone but each one will thrive in the right home.

If you're interested in adopting a special cat, please email us. We disclose everything we know and will help you all we can.

We don't have any special cats or kittens available for adoption at this time.

Please consider adopting one of our adult cats.

If you find a special cat on this page you'd like to adopt, please read about Adopting From Feline Friends. If you've decided a special cat is not a good fit for your lifestyle, please consider adopting one of our adult cats or one of our kittens.

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