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Flynn's Story

Flynn's sad story
Flynn's story is the kind that makes falling asleep at night hard. But the fight he fought, he didn't fight alone. Jo was with him through every step of the way, and in the end held him gently as he was finally helped to a world without pain and suffering.
Flynn was one of the first cats I met after I joined Feline Friends. I was trying to get our first web site up and had went over to Steamboat Veterinary Hospital to take pictures for our adoption page. He was absolutely beautiful. Sweet and trusting, I marveled at his courage. He had came to FF with badly burnt paws. Someone had set the pads of his feet on fire. To make thing worse for him, when the blood work was done (as it is with every FF), it was found he had Feline HIV. I immediately read up on it and was happy to find that some cats with the right care can live, if not real long lives, at least moderatly long lives.
Flynn was a big cat, he kept himself clean and groomed. With his courage and loving nature, if anyone could make it he could. However
this wasn't meant to be for Flynn. With his weakened immune system he couldn't fight for recovery from his burns. Jo tried, she gave him the best medical care strongly spiced with love and attention. In the end she gave him release. This so didn't have to be. If he hadn't been burned, if we could have gotten to him sooner. If, if, if... We at Feline Friends cry a lot. We see the worse of humanity, but oh how we see the best, like Debbie who was there for Hansel and Gretal so they didn't have to be other Flynns.

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