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Grey Face and Duncan's Happy Story Dec. 2008

Grey Face and Duncan's Happy Story
You had asked for some pictures once the cats made friends. Duncan really lives up to his name. We asked for a playful cat and sure got one. He likes to spend his evenings getting into every trashcan, box or container, tipping them over, and drinks from the toilet! We are going to keep the toilets down and working on getting him to sleep more at night. We got them lots of new toys and they are playing a lot with them and us. Duncan slipped out to the snow once this week and promptly asked to come right back in. Grey Face has not shown a desire to be out again since getting out twice for a couple of days earlier this year. I think Duncan and the cold weather have made the indoor life more appealing!
Grey Face and Duncan's Happy Story
Our relatives were with us for 3 1/2 months and got a place of their own at Thanksgiving. The cats handled all this very well. Christmas was interesting, we have never had cats around a tree and the kittens thought the artificial tree was their supersize dream toy. We put it back in the box and went without the tree this year.
They both are bonded to people and like each other. Grey Face is always watching to see what crazy thing Duncan will do next. These are not overly needy cats and there seems to be enough of everything for them to have no conflict.
Grey Face is now one year old and Duncan is about 3 months younger. In the spring we will start on the next Royal Canen Food and mix it with the kitten food. Next month we will be getting their shots updated.
Grey Face and Duncan's Happy Story
Thank you so much for running the shelter and picking such wonderful cats for us.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
P.S. More about Duncan - he grabs any paintbrushes or makeup brushes he can find and takes them for his own to play with. He tips over any glasses left about, especially ones with ice in them. He thinks the bathroom is his personal property; it was the first room he stayed in when he came to live with us. He tips things over and then just stares at the mess for a while in disbelief. We are working with him; he will settle down some as he grows. He is very gentle with people and a funny kind of cat. Grey Face has really mellowed into the queen of the household, but is still known to attack any wiggly toes in the middle of the night. She is very independent. They like to wrestle with each other a couple of times a week and sleep in different rooms of their choice at night.

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