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Little Mister Somebody

A name was never given to this fellow, but there are many names that come to our minds and hearts when we see what he has gone through and yet still not a mean word to the people who ended up caring for him on his final hours.
Just imagine not being wanted, cared for or loved. Left to your own devices to find a safe spot for shelter and stealing food.
Little Mister Somebody's sad story
Little Mister Somebody went from place to place looking for someone who would offer him a handout. He didn't ask for much. After being left behind because he wasn't any longer that cute little adorable kitten that someone brought home, he didn't expect much.
When this fine young man showed up at Terry's house in Mason County in a very populated but yet rural neighborhood he was terminally injured. His face was beaten with something such as a 2x4 or a golf club. They had hit him so hard that they literally smashed his face. We couldn't save him, his injuries were so severe it wasn't an option for Feline Friends to fix the trauma that he had sustained. Do we cry? Oh yes. But he had reached a place where kind hands and full hearts would ease his suffering.
Little Mister Somebody has a voice. Its here and now. Listen, can you hear him as he tells you, "Please take care of us. Spay and neuter so there aren't so many of us and people will value our lives. If you have to leave us behind, please find a safe place for us. Don't leave us to fend for ourselves as the world can be a hard cruel place for little cats and kittens."
We wish this story was an isolated case but it isn't. Feline Friends adopted 435 cats and kittens out in 2003 and still it isn't enough. There are still precious lives out there that need help. If you know of a little Someone that is out fending for him or herself or would like to help, please email us or go to our volunteer page or to our support page to donate.

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