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Sasha's Happy Story April 2009

Sasha's Happy Story
I brought home my precious girl and I am simply overjoyed! The ride home was long and we were both anxious to get there. Baby girl kitty got a little upset tummy, but we made it home okay. She exited her carrier and would have none of this one room deal! She meticulously inspected the house from front to back while talking to me the entire time. After she was done I showed her her pretty pink bed and her new toys including one that a pink princess kitty on a stick which we played with together. I didn't want to overwhelm her so I sat on the couch and watched her sniff at her things. She's such a pretty girl! What happened next floored me and I knew that ALL was well with her and that I have found my best friend. She jumped up onto the couch, sat in my lap, came up to my face and licked it. We looked at each other and cuddled. I am currently working on giving her a new name....I'm not sure as yet but I am leaning toward Sasha. The photos enclosed are of her on the futon and the others are of her on my bed.....I guess we'll chat tonight about her being on my side of the bed!
Amachi's Happy Story
Thank you sooooo much Jennifer & Jo for your precious gift to me. Your work is incredible, don't stop doing it. As you can see it's not done in vain. You have a my upmost respect and gratitude! I will be certain to spread the word!
Love Always;
Ruth & Sasha

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