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About Seymour

Seymour's Happy Story
Ah Seymour what can I say? He brings so much joy, fun and love into our lives. And to think we might have missed him if not for Jo and Feline Friends. Jo called my mother who has Rue and convinced her to just visit Seymour. Mother had been looking for a Maine Coon when she got Rue and Seymour's looks and temperament lends itself to think he may have some if not a lot of that linage. Of course mother couldn't resist him when she picked him up and he gave her a big kiss on the cheek. Seymour isn't no fool. So home he went.
Seymour's Happy Story
When my son and I stopped over that night to see him, it was love at first sight. Rue hadn't been very hospitable and Seymour didn't mind in the least going home with us to be an only kitty.
Seymour hadn't gotten much of a break in life.. His coat was rough and broken. He didn't look as if he'd had nutritional food. To top it off a week after we got him he came down with a cold.
Seymour's Happy Story
Back to the vet we went. He had to be on meds for two weeks but through it all he was loving and trusting. Not only do we love this guy but we have to admire him. Now, four weeks after we got him, he's healthy and his coat is already showing signs of a good diet. Seymour rules the apartment and keep us laughing at his clowning. He has to be a house cat as it's much to dangerous for him to go out where we live, but he takes it in stride. Seymour will always be with us. He's a very important member of the family and HE KNOWS IT.

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