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Sonia's Happy Story Feb. 2010

Sonia’s Happy Story
We had to put our first cat down due to failing kidneys. A sympathetic co-worker provided the web address for Feline Friends. We went out with the idea in mind that we would adopt another short haired cat. We did look at several other cats that day in June 2008 but didn’t find one that we connected with. We were about to call it a day when it was suggested we look at Sonia.
She was a petite ‘tuxedo’ with a sweet face and huge whiskers. Sonia we learned had been with Feline Friends for over 2 years. No one was interested in adopting her because of her ‘special needs’. She had spina bifida, with a slightly crooked tail which didn’t ‘work’ and needed daily medication. But Sonia was the cat for us and we said we would take her. The lady volunteers disappeared into the kitchen to get Sonia’s food and medications-but also to have a cry. As we have since discovered Sonia was a bit of a favorite.
We gave her the front room to start. The next morning we left the door slightly open so she could see the daily goings on. Sonia was having none of being left out of the routine and very loudly insisted she be able to join in. Although a bit shy and nervous we found she liked chasing strings and sun bathing in the window. Soon she discovered the joys of power sliding on the laminate flooring in the hall. The first several mornings she would great me with an exuberant MEOW! I’d say ‘shhh!’ Papa is still sleeping and we must be quiet. Eventually she got the hint and MEOW! became a gentle ‘purmow’ (purring while meowing)
In February 2009 the small fluid sack on her spine swelled. Papa bundled her in to see the vet. It was decided surgery was in order. The report from the vet indicated it was a good thing we had her brought in. There was a cyst and the sack extended into her spine. After surgery she looked hideous with her back shaved, 3 layers of stitches and a spinal fluid leak. Sonia did come out of the surgery still her bouncy, bright self. But the fluid leak didn’t stop and we were concerned for infection. After two weeks of oral and topical antibiotics with stinky Lick Guard smeared on the stitches she started to heal.
In April Sonia had another adventure with curiosity leading her to sashay thru an open door out into the garage. When Papa realized she’d slipped out he went after her. However the strange sights and sounds caused her to run in the opposite direction into the woods at the rear of the house. I was in tears! Our poor, tiny cat was lost and I couldn’t bear the thought that she would die a horrible death. However the cat goddess and Sonia had other ideas. After a harrowing 45 minute search of the woods she came in through the back gate to the kitchen door. I couldn’t hug her enough! Now any outdoor time is on a leash accompanied by Mama or Papa.
Over time she has put on a little weight, her fur is a glossy black and she is the picture of health. Thanks Feline Friends for our sweet little Sonia.
Walter and Viki

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