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Willow's Happy Story July 2013

Willow's Happy Story
After I moved into my own apartment with my previous Feline Friends adoptee, Zuzu, I was looking for a companion for her so she wouldn’t be lonely. As a volunteer at Feline Friends, I got to look long and hard for a personality match to Zuzu. Many told me that I should get a male, because a male would get along better with a female than another female, because males are more laid back. But I knew Zuzu was friendly and just wanted a playmate, and had no interest in being the dominant end of a relationship. I told myself this as I slowly began to fall in love with an absolutely beautiful long-haired Siamese girl in the back room.
Willow's Happy Story
She had always been extremely shy; it took me weeks of socializing to get her out of her bed. Even as shy as she was, all she wanted was a gentle scratch on the chin or the ear and she would purr for hours.
Willow's Happy Story
I was told that she had come to Feline Friends from animal services, where someone had brought her in. She was about to be euthanized because she was so shy that she was deemed unadoptable. It broke my heart that such a sweet and beautiful girl, only a year or so old, would’ve been lost because of her shyness. The more I worked with her, the more I fell in love, and discovered her great love of laser pointers. One Saturday I brought a carrier to Feline Friends, and took her home.
Willow's Happy Story
Literally that day, she completely blossomed into a whole new cat. All she wanted to do was run around her new house, groom my other cat, and play and play and play. It’s a running joke that I adopted a puppy instead of a cat. She loves to play fetch, follow me around the kitchen and sit at my feet, loves it when company comes over, and now loves to talk and tell me all about her day when I come home. I couldn’t be more thankful that this beautiful soul got a second chance, living so happily in a life she might not have had because of her “shyness” (ha). From the three of us, thank you!
-Kira, Zuzu, and Willow

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