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Feline Friends Adopted Cat Intake Form

Cat and Kitten Intake

Please fill out this form as completely as you can if you have a cat or kitten you adopted from Feline Friends.
Feline Friends takes in cats when we have available resources and space to meet the cat’s need. Completing this form does not mean this cat or kitten will be taken into Feline Friends.
After submitting this form, a volunteer will respond to you by email or phone. Please be patient. We’re staffed entirely by volunteers that unselfishly give their personal time.

Feline Friends Adopted Cat Intake Form

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Is this a kitten or adult cat? Kitten Adult
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Has this cat received routine vet care? Yes No
Where did it receive care?
Current on shots? Yes No Unsure
Has this cat been seen by the vet for any other reason? Yes No
Where did this cat receive care and for what reason?
Is the cat de-clawed? Front All Not de-clawed Unsure
If de-clawed, when? As a kitten As an adult Unsure
Is the cat good with children? Yes No Unsure
Is the cat good with dogs? Yes No Unsure
Is the cat good with other cats? Yes No Unsure
Can you pet the cat? Yes No
Can you pick up the cat? Yes No
Does this cat use a litter box in the house? Yes No
Has it ever gone outside the litter box? Yes No
If yes, how long and how often?
Please describe your cat’s behavior and personality:
Please tell us any additional comments about this cat:
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