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Feline Friends Cat Release & Intake Form

Cat and Kitten Intake

Thank You for taking the time to care for a stray cat or kitten in need. Please fill out this form as completely as you can.
Feline Friends rescues cats in the Olympia, Washington area. We take in cats when we have available resources and space to meet the cat’s need. Completing this form does not mean a cat or kitten will be taken into Feline Friends.
If we have space and resources to provide for this stray cat, a volunteer will respond to you by email or phone. Please be patient. We’re staffed entirely by volunteers that unselfishly give their personal time.
With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have gotten a large surge in requests to assist stray cats and kittens as well as the request to rehome owned cats. This is a problem that we unfortunately can not control and, even with the increased amount of rescue groups in our community, there is not enough space to house the number of requests. It is truly difficult to turn down cats that have no one caring for them and it is challenging to see the number of unwanted, homeless, and free-roaming cats that need assistance. If you DO NOT receive a response, we do not have availability to accept cats at this time. Feel free to check back with us if you have completed a form via a phone call.

Feline Friends Cat Release & Intake Form

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Your Name*:
Your Address* (physical):
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Phone Number* (nnnnnnnnnn):
E-mail Address*:
When did you first see the cat (approximate date)?
Where did you find this cat (major cross streets, business parking lot, backyard, etc)?

Where are you keeping the cat?
Are you feeding and watering the cat? Yes No
How often is this cat fed? Food is always available Designated mealtimes Unsure
Have you submitted a "Found Pet Report" with Animal Services? (NOTE: Thurston County Animal Services maintains a lost and found list. They may have information about the cat's owner.) Yes No
Have you run a free "Found Pet" ad in the Olympian? Yes No
Have you had the cat scanned for a microchip? Yes No
What have you done to find a home for this cat? Which rescues/shelters have you contacted?
Is this a kitten or adult cat? Kitten Adult
Breed and Color:
Additional description (collar, markings):
Gender: Male Female
Does the cat appear healthy? Yes No
If no, please describe:
Have you provided any vet care? Yes No
If yes, please describe (shots, treatments, or etc.)
Spayed/Neutered? Yes No Unsure
Is the cat de-clawed? Front All Not de-clawed Unsure
Is the cat good with children? Yes No Unsure
Is the cat good with dogs? Yes No Unsure
Is the cat good with other cats? Yes No Unsure
Can you pet the cat? Yes No
Can you pick up the cat? Yes No
Does this cat use a litter box in the house? Yes No
Has it ever gone outside the litter box? Yes No
Please describe the cat’s behavior and personality:
Please tell us any additional comments about this cat:
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