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Hansel and Gretal's Happy Story

Hansel and Gretal's Happy Story
This story is from Hansel and Gretal's Home and is their second story. To see the beginning click here
My husband called me at work one day to let me know how our Sylvester cat was doing. Sylvester had been sick for sometime. Dan, my husband was at the vets office and told me he had ran into Jo and, guess what, she had --- yes, you are right, two of the cutest kitties you will ever see. "How about us giving them a home?" Dan said. I was reluctant as our Sylvester Cat was doing so poorly and we had just lost our beloved Bee Cat about a month prior.
Hansel and Gretal's Happy Story
My husband was so excited about these two babies. I said, "well okay." When I came home from work he said, "I will be right back. I am going to pick up the kittens." I waited and it seemed like forever until the car pulled into the driveway. I was watching out the window and he took out the small cat carrier. He told me to sit in the chair and he would open the cage. Well to my surprise! Out came two of the most beautiful kittens I think I have ever seen. One was orange with long hair and the other was a tabby with long hair. They curled up in my lap and it was Instant Love. I had really forgotten what it was like to have kittens around, all our cats are older, much older. We kept them in a room with lots of food and water until they adjusted to their new surroundings. About a month before we had a kitten adopt us. We tried to return him but found out that he was abused at that home so we just kept him. Well he turned out to be a big brother to none other than HANSEL AND GRETAL.
Hansel and Gretal's Happy Story
Gretal is beautiful as you can see by her pictures. She is very shy and avoids us most of the time. At night she will come out and play with the boys, and I must say she does hold her own. She will only eat at night so, before I go to bed, I make sure there is a bowl of fresh food for her. She really likes her big brother JR who was the kitten that adopted us. She will follow him and lay by him, sometimes getting in the kitty bed with him. He always gives her a bath. Often she will be sitting on the back of the couch to greet me when I come home from work. However she runs and hides when I enter the room.
She has calmed down some since we have had her. We have renamed her since every time Dan my husband would come anywhere close to her she would hiss at him. Miss Hiss seemed like the most fitting name and she will respond to that name now. She loves to be outside. We have a large cat pen attached to our home where they have access to the outside but can remain safe. She is always on the hunt. It is so fun to watch her. She also tries to dig her way out of the pen. Dan is always repairing the holes she digs around the foundation. She is a love and I just don't know what we did before she came into our lives.
Hansel and Gretal's Happy Story
Hansel is the most outgoing of the two. He always walks around the house with this tail straight up in the air. We call it his plume. He is just beautiful, his long flowing hair and that tail (What can I say?). He loves to play and my knitting is on hold for now as he loves the yarn. Hansel will take off with it and go across the room. He really likes to be loved and his purr box is very loud.
Every night Dan plays with them. Even Miss Hiss joins in. He puts his hands under the covers and they love to grab it as it is going by. Hansel also is a talker. He lets me know when it's time to eat even if it isn't. Well yes, his name has changed. He now will answer to Pumpkin. He really likes his treats; he always tries to con me out of them. He knows when the package rattles it's treat time.
Hansel and Gretal's Happy Story
We know Miss Hiss will calm down with time and soon will be sitting on my lap along with JR and Pumpkin. We really don't know how to thank you for bringing these two wonder beings into our lives. They have brightened our world so much.
Thank you for trusting us enough to give these two a home.
And Thank You, Jo and FELINE FRIENDS, for the work you do.
Barbara and Dan, Miss Hiss and Pumpkin. And all their brothers and sisters.

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