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Feline Friends Cat Release & Intake Forms

Feline Friends is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization. We rescue stray cats and kittens. Intake is based on our available resources.
Please carefully review the following statements so you are fully aware of Feline Friends policies prior to surrendering a cat or kitten. If you are not willing to relinquish custody of an animal under these terms, it will not be admitted into our program.
  1. You are giving up all legal rights to this animal.
  2. Information about this animal will not be released to you once you give custody of the animal to Feline Friends.
  3. If you change your mind and want this animal back, if it is available, you will have to go through our adoption process and pay any associated fees.
  4. All items brought in with the animal are considered a donation.
  5. Feline Friends resources are limited. If Feline Friends does not have the available resources or space to provide quality care for the animal, it will not be admitted into the program.

Thank you for contacting Feline Friends. Please select the form that describes your situation.

Intake or Surrender
  • Click here if you’re contacting us about your cat or a cat belonging to someone you know.
  • Click here if you’re contacting us about a stray cat.
  • Click here if this is about a cat adopted from Feline Friends.
  • Click here if none of the above describes your situation.
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